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[TEAM] Creating a game engine - hobby

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Hello, I'm new in this forum so don't be impressed if I don't have any posts or a profile picture. My purpose here is to find people who like to code c++ and like to work on some side projects because I have this idea for a game engine which could become a real product after many years of working.

The engine would be a general purpose game engine separated by modules allowing game development as well as desktop applications development, it would consist of a small library with core functions and classes and modules for the different subsets if the engine, rendering, sound, networking, separating all the protocols and having a general library for networking, sound, GUI, and others.

This is just an idea which could come to life with some help from you, members of gamedev forum which have the passion of gaming, game development and other specific tasks.

If you want specific details about the project just comment down below and keep in mind this is just an idea it's not written in paper and probably no one will comment since people want to participate in projects that already have a defined idea and a pre defined structure, and you're probably are reading this..... This is embarrassing, just comment down below xD

I forgot to tell the reason why I want to create a new game engine. I have experience with UE4 and Unity 5, and I don't really like the way they do some of the things, mainly their business model and the modularity of the engine, I know that they already give you a lot of freedom specially UE4 but still, it's still very strict to that programming model, I call it UE c++ because it looks completely different from standard c++ and everything today turns around money, I said we could turn this a real product meaning business but I don't think we will reach that level, this is mainly for leaning purposes but who knows? ;)

And if you prefer to have a more private conversation and hang out just add me on Skype : sniper-fun99

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Just a friendly suggestion, maybe the rule that "People-seeking is not permitted in any of the discussion forums" should be added to the FAQ so that other people (like me, who is very new here, in fact this is my first post) won't make the same mistake in the future. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful this was one of the first forum posts I went on to, thus saving myself from making that mistake. But people like RV can greatly benefit from knowing this from the get-go.

Then again, maybe this rule was already on there and I just missed it. I tend to not be very confident in my ability to remember that kind of thing. :3 And just so you know Tom, I upvoted your comment because I am grateful you mentioned that looking for people to help isn't allowed on discussion forums.

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