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Voxelaxy - Game, which is creating by a 17-year-old programmer

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Hi! My name is Jakub and I want to show you my game - Voxelaxy


Voxelaxy (combination of two words: Voxel & Galaxy) is a space survival game, where the player plays as an astronaut.
His spaceship, which he calls „Mouse”, has been destroyed suddenly by missile.
He had to land in an emergency on an unknown planet. Using available technology, the astronaut has to survive on that unfriendly area.

Crafting oxygen and trying to find food seem to be a hard task… Are you ready?!
The owner and the creator of Voxelaxy is: Jakub Klementewicz


I’ve finished the equipment system, which works very well.
It shows the icon, the  name, the  count and the mass of an item. As you can see the maximum weight of all items is 64. Don’t worry! You will be able to upgrade it.


If you click on an element from the list, for example: Greenum, the system highlights that and recognizes, what kind of an item it is (currently: Mineral, Food, Meal, None). Checking Greenum, means that game sets buttons to „Mineral”. By this I mean, that only way to „use” Greenum in this situation is: „Drop”. Why?

Eat –  consume a meal.
Drink – some water?   ;)
Move – transfer items from the EQ to chests or machines.
Build – build machines / crafting.
Drop – an item will be dropped down on the ground.
As you can guess Greenum cannot be eaten, drunk, build, moved (it could be moved, if there was a chest), but you can drop everything   :)

Count of value to drop depends on a slider. On the screenshot, I set the slider to 4.

In addition to this I’ve created the mining system, so now, if player clicks on a mineral, the astronaut will start gathering and minerals will be added to the EQ.



I’ve finished a basic system of crafting. Now, you can craft 4 objects and it works fine. Adding new objects is a matter of time   :)
To open a window of crafting you must be close to the Crafting Table.
I’m planning to add a few kinds of crafting tables. I mean, there will be one for creating weapons, another one for creating tools, etc.
Items needed to craft that objects will be chanced. These are only test values.

They spawn minerals ;)

More about my work you can find on:
My Instagram:
My Twitter:
My Youtube Channel:

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