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[REV SHARE] Need Programmer(s) and Artists for Online Collectible Card Game

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Heroes : new Dawn is a card game I created on my own about 5 years ago. It was a physical card game based on an 2D MMORPG that I was lead Developer of. After about five years of development, that game fell through and the development team disbanded, but a few months before that happened, I began to work on the card game just to see what I could come up with. 
Heroes : New Dawn is a finished physical card game that never went further because of lack of testers in my area. I could never get the required testing done before moving into a phase where I spend money to order finished cards, play matts/boards, chips, counters and special dice. So, I stopped work on the game about four years ago.
Recently, I was just playing Faeria, and I thought.... Hey, I made a card game that couldn't be finished due to physical limitations, but if I were to make it digital, the game could be finished rather quickly and distributed around the world!
So, this is my attempt at finding people who can help me work on making the game digital.
Here are some basics...
- The game is focused around two main game modes, 2v2 PvP and 5 v 1 PvE
- 2v2 PvP consists of two teams of two players trying to beat the other team
- 5v1 PvE consists of five players versus an AI ( or possibly a player) who controls the adventure module. The physical card game had a player run the module, but that might be tricky in an online game.
 - Adventure Module is basically a set of combats and challenges which has mini bosses and a final boss or two.
- The game currently has 5 player classes done, with over 60, yes 60, more waiting for further expansions. The MMORPG had over 60 classes, so planning for future classes are basically done as well.
- You build your class like you are playing a MMORPG, you have equipment cards, weapon cards, and skill/spell cards to fill up your skill bar.
- There is a system for players to level up in the physical card game as they play modules, sort of like dungeons and dragons, and this system would translate perfectly for online play.
What I'm looking for.... 
Programmer(s)     U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY
I need to find a programmer who can code this game, or maybe a few programmers who can work together to make the game possible.
I want the game to be basically like Shadowverse or Faeria, where you can download a client and play with people online. How the structure of servers or whatever is beyond me.
I am NOT looking for first time hobbyists. I'm serious about finishing this game, and getting a product out. So have experience programming.
At this moment I'm not sure if the art for the game will be illustrated art, or pixel art. I haven't decided on an aesthetic yet. So for now, I'm not picky with art.
Basically, nothing has been decided as far as art direction is concerned. I'm an artist, but I would like to find an artist be the art director and in control of the overall look of the game.
I am NOT looking for first time hobbyists. I'm serious about finishing this game, and getting a product out. So have experience drawing.
My goals.....
1) Get a working version of the game running so we can start a kickstarter.
2) Then get the game ready for Steam and/or other PC platforms.

Revenue Share/Split....
Once the game goes into Kickstarter, whatever we raise will be split among developers who need it.
For instance, if I have a programmer and an artist, all the money will go to you guys, not me, and maybe into hiring more programmers and artists.
I have a full time job, so I don't seek any development money for myself.
Once the game goes public, basically on Steam / PC in general, then I'll benefit from the game's sales.
But I want developers to know, I have no interest in making money for myself until the game is released. 

Contact me on Skype as BuffoTheArtClown 
eMail me at Trollface666@gmail.com. 

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