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Looking for a developer

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Looking for an application to run on windows to assist with Game Play for March of Empires (Gameloft)

Am trying to read the Map to find certain objects and present in a list with their game coordinated.  This information should be saved in a CSV or simliar format

The game has several layers of tiles. The game changes every week at least one layer (seasons)  and the objects change in shape at least once every 4 weeks 

Time for application execution can be 1 min or 15 mins time not critical

Objects change locations every 8 hours 
Object has a rating of 1 to 8 
List objects by rating and by coordinates 
If a level 7 and level 8 close by ( 1 tile)  list together 


Am willing to pay a reasonable fee (am a private person so no silly requests) for someone to develop a suitable application.  Can discuss fee, delivery, "how to pay", etc prior starting



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