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p2.js sync bodies vs non-sync bodies

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Can someone help me with this issue?

Basically I've setup 2D physic simulation and divided bodies into two groups. Bodies that synchronize through internet and bodies that not. (sync bodies & non-sync bodies)

These non-sync bodies can still hit sync-bodies, but they take all solving-force on them. Ie. non-sync bodies can't affect sync bodies / sync bodies behave like static-bodies to non-syncbodies.

Imagine rain drops. In each user raindrops are in random places so not in the same positions as in other users. Raindrops hit a ground or some sync-body cube and affect cube-velocities. It would leads to desync of worlds in each user. So non-sync bodies (raindrops) can't make any change in sync bodies. When raindrop hits synced-cube, cube is like static for raindrops.

WEBM shows the case a little: https://webmshare.com/Av4bE

As you can see on video there is a problem. Indeed sync-bodies behave like static when collide with non-sync (gray one) and it is good, but quickly it gets desync. So there must be some other variables that should I take care of. But I can't find them. Details and my progress is in this issue (link at the begining of post)

Please help, because p2.js community is probably almost dead..

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