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[WANTED] UE4 Developers & 3D Modelers for growing company

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Hello gamedev.net!

Frontwire Studios, the developer behind the much anticipated game, Galaxy in Turmoil, is currently looking to bring on a few more developers to help bring our vision to reality.

About Frontwire Studios

If you have not heard so already - we started off as a small fan based non-profit passion project (what a mouthful) aimed at trying to revive the classic Battlefront series made by Free Radical.

Long story short - we got (understandably) shut down by EA. However rather than crying all the way home, we decided to ditch all the Star Wars assets and create our own original IP based in our own original universe.

We've made some huge achievements though. Achievements which help us legitimize our efforts. Check out a few of them:

  1. We've signed a distribution agreement with Valve to release GiT for free on Steam (Not via Greenlight)

  2. We signed a distribution deal with Sony to release GiT for free on PlayStation

  3. We have been continuously featured in mainstream media in over 12 countries. Including the Inquistr, Screenrant, UNILAD, Gamespot, GameInformer, and Polygon just to name a few

  4. Facebook just verified us as a company of public interest (For what it's worth)

So, whats the plan?

I'm sure you read posts on all the time about rev-share or even the potential for pay in the future. I'm not going to promise you those things - because I can't. Although we are a passion project with no upfront money, we are open to discussing stock options with the right people. But that is on a case-by-case basis. However if you keep reading, you'll get a feel for our goal and what is in store for you in the future. This is a volunteer position for the time being.

Our entire team is a volunteer based team located around the world. However we're not all novices (although we do have a few). We have team members that have worked on projects like Call of Duty, Titanfall, Fallout 4, worked with KONAMI and more.

We are currently building a demo that we plan to release in the third-quarter of 2017 prior to our crowdfunding campaign. Now, I'm sure you're like *Whoa, with all the media attention, why don't you crowdfund now?!

Great question. Simple answer. Too many indie game developers tap into the community and crowdfund based on a few fancy gif's and some concept art. The community throws money at the project, however the project eventually dies and the community is left empty handed. We're not going to be another statistic in a sea of failed games. That is why we want to provide a playable experience to our community so they can see what we we have to offer before they decide to fund us or not.

The ultimate goal is to crowdfund after we release a full demo containing a full single player story mission and two multiplayer gamemodes. Upon successful funding, we plan to pay for various things such as our dedicated game servers, a new MOCAP system and more. After which we will be looking into paying the team for the effort put into the demo, and paying people to work on the full and final game.

If we happen to make Star Citizen amounts of money from crowdfunding (Not gonna' happen though. :-[ ) we plan to hire our team full-time. In the event we don't obtain ungodly amounts of money from our campaign, we still plan to pay staff going forward, however that will be via a monetized asset system that we'll go over with you after you join.

Who you are

Enough about us, what about you? We're looking for experienced UE4 (Unreal Engine) programmers to work on either our Multiplayer or Single player systems.

In addition, we are looking for experienced Organic and Hard Surface 3D modelers, as well as experienced level designers and environmental artists.

Ideally, you have had experience in the video game industry working on one or more shipped Indie or AAA titles. However we're open to grad students.

Alrighty, you have me interested. Can we chat?

Totally! If you think you fit the bill and would love to talk with us about how you can get involved, I invite you to email your portfolio and/or resume to social@frontwirestudios.com - and we'll reach out. However for the sake of your time and full transparency, I'm going to outline the process below:

  1. Send in your resume/portfolio to the above email address.

  2. Our recruitment team will check out your portfolio/resume to verify it meets our minimum standard (I'm sure it does ;-] ).

  3. Our Art Director and team lead (Programming, 3D, etc) will review your portfolio/resume. As long as they sign off, our recruiter will reach out to you to set up a time to come chat with us on our Discord server.

  4. As long as you're a chill person and we have a good chat, we'll give you a skill test to complete.

  5. Once completed and turned in, the test will be reviewed by the Team Lead. As long as it meets or exceeds expectation, we'll extend a formal offer to you to join the team as a volunteer.

  6. We'll send you an NDA to sign. Once done - we'll set you up and get you on-boarded into the project! :D

That's about it!

There you have it! So if you're interested, we'd love to talk with you via a voice call on our Discord server to gauge your interest and hopefully make you believe in the project we are building as much as the rest of our team believes in it.

I invite you to review more about our company at www.frontwirestudios.com - you can also Google Galaxy in Turmoil.


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