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a strategic roleplaying game looking for a programmer and an artist

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i am looking for people to help with making Neo arcana a logical crisis

a reality.

it's meant to be a strategic roleplaying game built using the unity engine. and while i can handle the story itself and such i need help with a coder and an artist to make this real.


I aim for a combat system similare  to fire emblem with story told through a visual novel style. 

setting wil be an alternate1980's where urban legends are real and magic hides right under the surface.

magic is part of everyday life here but in ways the common man isn't really aware of nor the dangers of such a thing.


i need an rtist to help with the 2d models needed, and possible for the story sequences as well.


Please get in touch if interested 


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Well the project is in search for a 2d artist to do our characters. Interesting there been so much of interest but seems that interest has dabbed off. If you an 2d artist tht can help make sprites let me know

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