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How to maintain detail on small distant objects

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Hi, currently I'm drawing a large amount of flowers and I notice that the ones that are far away are quite...aliased/hard to see. I feel like this is not something that can be fixed with anti aliasing alone. Pic below ( and I'm using anti aliasing there)


This problem gets worse when you see them moving (


Of course I understand that it's normal for objects far away to be hard to distinguish their shape and colors, but I feel like there's something that can be done to make them smooth/low frequency, for example this game

There they deal with a lot of sunflowers, and while they are quite big, I feel like they have done something so they always look smooth no matter the distance.

I'm currently using only 1 LOD for the flowers because it was hard to simplify it more than that, the next thing would be a billboard...

Do you have any tips to make them smoother at distance? or something similar.


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