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Lerping Jitter

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I've been stuck all day on this unfortunately. 

Problem in action:

I'm basically simulating a 10/second positional update from the server: It updates the new_pos Vector2 with x, y values 10 times a second. Game is running at 60 fps and I am trying to interpolate the character movement.

And, the lerping code:

	if new_pos.x:
		var lerpspeed = 0.5
		set_pos(Vector2(lerp(get_pos().x, new_pos.x, lerpspeed), get_pos().y))

I'm using the Godot engine by the way (GDScript language)

I've been searching these forums and read that my lerpspeed somehow needs to be dynamic and clamped between 0.1 - 1.  I'm just not entirely sure how to go about doing that. Thanks in advance

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The problem is that lerp gives you a single value, once. You need to make a note of when you receive each position, and lerp between the previous state and the new state, every update, for a chosen timespan, with the interpolation value changing each time accordingly.

This comes up almost every day, and the answer given by hplus0603 in another thread should illustrate this approach:

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