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[FREE PRE-ALPHA RELEASED] Can your idea conquer the world? THE COMPANY: An RTS Startup Simulation Game

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The Company takes you on a brutal trip through the business world, simulating every aspect of a company's rise to world domination. Using more than 50 variables, the game's engine can calculate precise growth figures and takes into account a huge amount of factors, from political tensions in neighboring countries to your employee's happiness with their salaries. 




The game is currently in pre-alpha stage and we're looking for feedback and ideas! We have no doubt that there is a huge market of potential entrepeneurs who are interested in this genre, so we'd like to know what are your opinions and comments on the game.

The UI is very simple. If you could suggest a general design, what would it be? 

We've launched the pre-alpha version of the game (FOR FREE) and we're very interested in hearing from you guys on any suggestions! 

The download link is: http://gamejolt.com/games/thecompany/243782




Select one of four unique industries, weighing every factor before you decide.  


Choose how hardcore of an entrepeneur you are by selecting the continent where you will begin. Each continent has four different countries to further increase your choice of difficulty. Each country has different factors that are considered in your company's sales success, such as national investment on research or current economic situation. 


Use your initial capital and entrepeneurial drive to start building your company from the ground up. Choose from over 80 different upgrades in Logistics, Marketing, Strategy, Motivation and Company Culture to increase your market traction and company's success.


Expect to encounter challenges around every corner as you surpass important milestones during the game. Your strategies will be constantly put at check by unexpected events.  


Thank you!

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Hi all!

We're happy to announce that we just released our first PRE-ALPHA version!
Download at: http://gamejolt.com/games/thecompany/243782

If you're going to try out the game, please read this:

- The game obviously has no tutorials or objectives, YET.
- We're looking for GENERAL FEEDBACKS as to layout, how easy the interface is and whatever you feel like commenting!
- The ONLY selectable countries are in SOUTH AMERICA! 
The Drive points and the Drive Tab (the head with the question mark) don't work yet. If clicked, the game will respond in unexpected ways.
- It'll be very appreciated, even if you just leave us a "this game is crap!" comment... (we're hoping for something more constructive, though haha) - 

Please bear in mind that this is an extremely early pre-alpha version.

We're really just looking to get out there and get some feedback. 

Thank you!

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Hello entrepeneurs!
We're very happy to announce that out first working alpha has been released!
To get it firsthand, try it out at: http://gamejolt.com/games/thecompany/243782
We've polished the game mechanics and it's fully playable. We're aiming at gathering feedback to increase replayability and have a vast amount of random events and possible unique game paths. What do you think of the game so far?

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