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[Free][iOS][Android] Shelling Star

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Hello, everyone! 

I would like to share a interesting game which I recently made with unity. It is named Shelling Star, and is published in app store and google play store. 

 Shelling Star is a game that directing the auto-rotating fort to fire the missiles that come from surrounding. The only one mission for you is to fire these missiles and prevent them to close to the fort, otherwise, the fort will be exploded and game over. 

Android link: 


IOS link:


And there is a gameplay video.

Youtube link:










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Great work! I downloaded and played the game. I enjoyed it. Nice idea for one tap game.

The graphics were the thing that caught my attention and made me install the game in the first place. I really like those kind of simplistic graphics.

I really disliked the forced ad after every game. Maybe have the ad shown after every 60 seconds of play time or something less aggressive?

Pause button could also be nice addition.

It seems like the projectile wont go in to the direction where cannon is facing when tapping the screen. But you have to tap the screen a little in advance, is this intended?

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