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Getting Demo off the ground

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Hey Community,

I am looking for a couple of knowledgeable MOBA or Unity pros to bounce a project off of.  I am hoping to get an evaluation of what it would take to get a demo put together.  I need something polished and wanted to get some expert advice.

The engine is Unity and the style is MOBA but with some twists in the design to be discussed later. 

The game that we are looking to build, needs to be fast, visually stimulating, agile, quick.  We are looking for a MOBA that has just as much first person utility as third person and feels fast in either mode. 5v5 style with traditional Tank/Support/ADC.  Non-traditional battlefields. Non-traditional controls. 

Artistic elements and assets are already covered.  Sci-Fi/Anime inspired.  

Lots of great assets already in place, looking to make a solid demo.  

The discussion I would like to have is around the build-out of the demo.  What will the demo cost?  How many people would be needed to make a playable demo that is polished and impressive? How long to set up a playable demo?    

If you are interested in previewing an innovative game design and want to collaborate and contribute to the discussion, please respond with your consultation fee details and availability.


Thank you,


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