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Community looking to create an online Hockey Manager Game

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Hi all,

I am a programmer with 19 years experience and recently have started a community driven project.
Goal of the community is to create an online hockey manager game inspired by an old game called 'Hockey Dynasty'.
That game stood out for its simplicity and user interaction.

Instead of creating the game solely, every member of the community is able to help. That way we are creating a game for the players, by the players. Our team currently consists of two programmers and a couple of former players, but anybody interested in making a hockey game is able to join.

In particular we are looking to strengthen our community with a couple more designers and programmers. We are using Bitbucket as our code collaboration platform. Our development stack consists of Maven, Java, Spring Boot, Angular/Typescript, JPA, Docker, Git, Jersey, PostgreSQL among others.

If you are interested, contact me (hockeydynasty2@outlook.com) or signup at our forum (hockeydynasty.freeforums.org).

Kind Regards, Bowman

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