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[FREE][Android] Color Break - Minimalist Addictive Puzzle

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Hello, I'm looking for feedback on my new game Color Break for Android.

Download here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PinkCityStudios.ColorBreak


Color Break is a minimalist casual memory & puzzle game, that turns out to be addictive as hell !

There is only one rule in Color Break :

Bounce on the right color, every time. The ball will switch color everytime you bounce on a brick.

Finish levels by destroying all color bricks (puzzle mode) or achieving the highest score possible (classic mode) and become a Color Break Master.

Get Color Break now for FREE !

- Tap Left or Right
- Bounce on the right color
- The ball will switch color every time
- Break all the bricks (puzzle mode)
- 130 Levels to unlock (puzzle mode)
- Get the highest score (classic mode)
- 6 Maps to unlock (classic mode)
- Addictive gameplay !

- Tap left or right to move your ball horizontally.
- The ball will switch color randomly (classic mode) or in designed order (puzzle mode)

- In classic mode, the next color of the ball is displayed at the top of the screen. This can help with your Color Break strategy.
- As soon as you see the ball switch color, act as fast as possible.
- In puzzle mode, the order of the ball colours is always the same. Plan your moves accordingly !


Any feedback would be very appreciated ! :)




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