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Hey there

Straight to the point -
I'v signed up to this website because I want to get a team of people from over all the roles in the game industry from any part of the world! I know it sounds like i'm thinking to big or something but hear me out.

A bit about me clear.png -
I have just started to get into the game design industry as in im in my first year (out of two) in my game design course at college - I have a good understanding of the Unity engine and also 3D modelling and (a bit) of animation in Autodesk MAYA... Oh and i live in the UK... One more last thing i'm a very big gamer haha!

The aim! -
AS I have already said I want to start a game design team for roles across the game design industry and people from all over the world (if need be clear.png). I also on the way want to make some loyal friends across the way too! clear.png... Oh and if we do eventually make a team more importantly a game there will be fair Revenue Sharing! clear.png.

The team!!! -
The members of the team should be friendly (obviously). The list below is the main people we need to make this dream happen! Shall I say these are the main roles anyway clear.png. Oh and the company name is PolyWizardry Entertainment!

! Game Artist - Concept or Texturing (1-3) ! Edit-We are still recruiting!
! Game Programmer (1-4) ! Edit-We are have two programmers at this point (24/03/2017) but still email me and tell me what language you are best in and general information like that and our team will respond ASAP via email!
! Game Landscaper (1-3)! Edit-We are still recruiting!
! Game Music Artist (1-2)! Edit-We have enough music artists for now you can still email me though just put some of your work in the email to show me what you can do and the team will have a chat about your work and see if its good enough.
! Game Designer (1-2) ! Edit-We are still recruiting!
! Game Animator (1-2) ! Edit-We are still recruiting!
! Game Voice Actor (1-X) ! Edit-We are still recruiting!
! Game Project Managers (1-2) ! Edit-We are still recruiting!
! Game 3D Modeller (1-4) ! Edit-We are still recruiting!

By the way the team has a 5 members as of (25/03/2017) and we are a very nice and friendly team even look at some of what our team are saying about each other! (Music member said - "We are getting along super well") (other music member said - "----- and I are getting along great" and "We've been chatting for the past half hour"!

Note we have a team of various people around the world so it doesn't matter where you live you are still welcome if you fit any of the named roles above!

Game aim(at the moment) -
I have come up with a range of game ideas hey some may be quite over the top but hey whats the problem about thinking to hard haha :0 clear.png. The ideas are below clear.png

! Explore mountains randomly. !
! Ally with nature and you're also an ancient wizard. !
! Retrieve holy artefacts with elves in a wide-open procedural world. !
! Discover parallel worlds using an expansive technology tree. !
! You rename dungeons through infiltration. !

Oh right they are not ideas but say points of a big idea... If you get what I mean. Oh and they are just some of the ideas too!

Software what I use (At the moment) -

Applications -
unity (Half year experience with) (Good Understanding) - Main Engine.
Autodesk MAYA (Half year experience with) (Good Understanding).
Autodesk MudBox (Half year experience with) (Good Understanding).
Unreal 4 (New) (Trying to get hang of things - Secondary Engine.
MagicaVoxel (New) (Trying to get hang of things).
Adobe Photoshop (Half year experience with) (Kinda good understanding).
Paint.Net (Many years experience with) (Great understanding).

Scripting Languages -
Javascript (Half year experience with) (Alright understanding).
C# (New) (Trying to get hang of things) - Really want to get used to!
C++ (New) (Trying to get hang of things).

If you want to hear more about the team build or the game ideas, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me via email! clear.png - ninjalessmonk@gmail.com - just put email title as something like 'Indie Game Team' - Can't wait to hear from you clear.png

- MecilessSpectre

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