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Looking for C++ developers, Musicians, and Artist.

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I am currently a single c++ developer working on a rather large game, i have made quite a bit of progress on the in house game engine, but am now looking for help to get it started faster, so i am now assembling a team (=
my game is a Medieval RPG featuring fully destructible open voxel world, i have been putting a lot of hours into getting it designed, and started but even with all of my efforts it proved to be a bit much for one person, however the basic ideas are there and they can be built upon, the basics of the game engine are there, however is still in development so not finished yet, the game is still very pre alpha, but with multiple working on it we could have basic version running in a month or two,
so who am i currently looking for? well that is easy to answer, i am looking for any capable c++ developers to get started on the game ASAP, and scripters to be on the ready for when we get the scripting API implemented as a large part of the game will be scripted to make the development process a little easier, i am also looking for designers, while yes i have some of the game designed i am in need to refining that Game Design Document, so game designers are definitely needed, i have a artist right now but he is very busy and usually not around so i need artist that are good with Chibi / cartoon like artwork to immediately start of concept art, and dev art to work with, i am also looking for one or more musicians to create music for the game when we start to need it, as well and make samplers for us to try out and show off to build support for the game.
At the moment no one on the team will be paid, however i plan on releasing the game on steam once we hit a releasable version of it, so at which point everyone involved will be paid based on a revenue share model, that will be put in place, and check over by all team members to agree upon before the release and sell of the game.
what do i hope to accomplish by gather all of you, i hope that we can make something amazing, and in the process profit from that so that we may create a game studio together to further the game as well as create other game and game engines.
Thank you for reading this it really means a lot to me that you took the time to read over this and possibly considered / did join my small / growing team (= 
Best regards to all of you Daniel I, Dorn.

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