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SharpDX/Direct2D : How to create brushes from DeviceContext ?

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Hi all,


According Microsoft MSDN, it's a better practice to draw using Direct2D with a ID2D1DeviceContext (and a D3D Swapchain) than using an ID2D1RenderTarget. You have access to some caching methods, can switch render target anytime, ...


So I am trying to adapt my application that way (with SharpDX) but I can't find the constructor to create a SolidColorBrush (or gradiant, ..) from a DeviceContext. They all require a RenterTarget as parameter... I have found some code sample in SharpDX where people construct a new brush with a DeviceContext as parameter, so this contructor was there at a time.


Where it's gone ? How do I do now to create my brushes if I use the DeviceContext draw method ?


Thank a lot for help, it's really getting me mad :)

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