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Developer looking for a game Artist collaboration (short term)

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I'm a long-time serving I/T programmer and consulting Solutions Architect (under my own Ltd company); thus a professional developer. I've just taken the decision to take three to four months out of consultation with clients and have decided to dable with game development, which I've wanted to do for years!

I've been getting familiar with Gamemaker 2.0 and have found myself slipping into the tool well. I'm a highly experienced Java & Javascript developer, thus it's GML is very simple to transition too. Further to this, I've programmed in every language you can imagine over the past 23years (including assembler).

So, why am I here? Well, I can't draw and the ideas I have for a game right now wont cut it. I'm looking for an artist out there that is sat on a game idea and want to get it developed right now. I.E. I have three months and need something to get into. By the time I get an idea and then get it visualised, it's going to be too late.

IF I collaborate and get something made and published, i.e. to mobile and web if possible, I want to use it as the start of something as part of my business. I do have a reserve of cash, but it can only be used in the future, therefore at the moment I'm closed to the idea of investing in something. My honest position is therefore to share any revenue in this venture; if there is something to be made. I'm personally looking at a 'showcase' piece and then moving forward; hence, I'm really looking for someone out there ready to collaborate and try to get something to market ASAP.

I have one stipulation. Given experience, it is always best to build something small and big from there. Therefore, i'm looking for a simple idea (aren't we all) that can be built, proven with a prototype and then taken forward. I've now got over 600 hrs of availability for programming a game. DO YOU have something that needs building and you've got both a simple idea and the base artwork?

I can be contacted through

Kind regards


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OK, maybe I was a little optimistic that someone out there might want to get involved? So, I've marched on a little. I've been using Gamemaker2 to prototype an idea; theme based on Bats. I purchased Gamemaker1.4 last year, but didn't give it as much attention as i'd have liked; its not that great in my opinion.

So I had a poke around and stumbled on Godot Engine, that's better! I guess I could have gone Unity, but Godot serves a good purpose for me; transferred the prototype and happy that I understand how to use it's mechanics.

I'm now writing a Game Design Document, so if there are any budding artists out there, interested in all things Bats (cartoon variety), then please give me a shout.

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Hmm, this is by no means a perfect fit with starting a business with it, but let me know if this sounds interesting:

I do have a game that I am starting to wrap up but still needs some dev work and then needs as much polish as we choose to add; and I'd love some professional developer help with it (I'm a dev). I will be posting a very detailed post about it soon, but for now here is the dev log I just uploaded.

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