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Angry Vikings

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Hello players and developers!
Hm... good beginning
Have been working for some days on this little prototype, an adventure mobile game.
Maybe show us a video?
O.K. no problems

The structure of the game will be similar the structure of a book. Each chapter is a new location ex: Swamp, Graveyard, Witch's house etc. I'll do my best to create an interesting plot(some ideas: kill the wizard that poisoned your father, find your sister, bring back the stolen weapons :) ). Travelling through locations, you will find different weapons, armors, elixirs, gems etc.
I want to know more!
Some features I plan to include:

  • Elixirs - drink them to become stronger, increase damage or double coins
  • Weapons, Armor, Shields - can be found in different locations, are upgradable
  • Upgrades - still thinking on this, maybe engraving gems in garments and weapons to make them stronger
  • Plot - as I said above, an interesting plot
  • Many more! Leave your ideas below.

What's next?
I will be grateful for your feedbacks. Maybe you have an interesting idea, or want to encourage me to continue working on this game, or simply want to say "Stop, kill this project!".

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