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Looking to gain some experience in Game Development

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Hello there,

    To begin, here's a little about me: I am currently a college student pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I've thought about changing to Game Development many times, but stand still in my tracks in fear of specialization and losing the opportunity to gain a job outside of the gaming industry. I've grown up playing many different video games and have found myself particularly captivated by FPS's and MMORPG's. In fact, I even made money playing video games. Now, I would like to gain some experience in Game Development and see if my childhood hobby can become the foundation of a career. I have yet to experience what type of programming I really enjoy, but I've always been fascinated with the mechanics behind player movement and how NPC's function (Artificial Intelligence). I have touched both the Unreal and Unity game engines before, but never really got into the coding side of it. I have experimented with my own personal story-boarding for fun and honestly think I have some crazy cool ideas, of which many are beyond my personal ability at the moment. One example of this is a post-apocalyptic FPS on a distant planet with factions and a player vs. NPC world (similar to 'Destiny' in a sense).


What I desire: 

  •     A team of friendly, interactive developers
  •     An intermediate to advanced programmer to learn from
  •     A group to collaborate and share ideas with
  •     An introduction to Game Development to help me understand what career path I really desire
  •     Advice on where to start, what resources to tap, and what skills to learn that Universities don't teach you


Underlying message:

    I have some coding experience in C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, and CSS, but don't really know anything applicable to any of the languages. Unfortunately, college today doesn't teach much beyond introduction to the languages before specialized courses and I need help through experiences to determine whether to choose that specialized path or not. I am willing to collaborate with any group of individuals. As mentioned above, I am a college student, and I work, so I may not be able to dedicate myself to a project every week. If you, yourself, are also a beginner developer or fit any of the aforementioned bullets, feel free to reach out and contact me! Thanks!


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hey i have a full team that is determined to make a thirdperson shooter and post it on steam and hope you can consider joining,it will be very good and will be making money,contact me if your interested on

skype:AfamGamerHD Disocrd group:https://discord.gg/7tjbw

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If you're looking for Desktop/PC game development and have previous experience with managed languages, perhaps you'd be interested in StarDrive - BlackBox, a real-time 4X game? The game is written in C#/XNA and is a continued development of the original game, so it's strictly a hobby project. It's a game with a ton of potential and a codebase that needs a lot of love.

We are currently in the progress of refactoring and adding new combat features along with a general storyline. There's a lot to do and improve, so it's a project where you can definitely contribute easily.
Here's the link to our Bitbucket page: https://bitbucket.org/CrunchyGremlin/sd-blackbox
Here's our Discord dev chat: https://discord.gg/gnQQv5C
And here's an example of current (refactored) code: sd-blackbox/Gameplay/SpatialManager.cs

If you're interested, join us in our Discord chat!   :)


StarDrive BlackBox Team


Edited by Crunchy Gremlin

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