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Big Bang - create your universe

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Hi, I am indie game developer from Czech republic and I want share with you my new game. Few days ago I posted here another game Logistic Nation. But I am working on Big Bang much longer. Now I am making game in Studio 2, so I changed lots of things. But game is still in development.

What is Big Bang?

It is a game about creating your own universe. When you start new game, game will create a universe for you with stars, planets and meteorites. You can put a life to meteorite and send it to planet. After some time on planet will appears civilization. It is on you what you will do next.

Player will get and lose points for action. Points can be spent to many things like change meteorite direction or create wormhole.


Space is huge, there is lots of stars, planets, etc. So I was thinking how to make zooming. This is my idea what I already have in game. There is no zooming, but 4 views
1. view: You can see almost whole universe, but only stars are visibles.
2. view: You can see everything and you can customize what informations about planets you want to see. Third view is same, but closer. There will be some diferences between second and third view.
4. view: If you choosed planet, in fourth view, you can see whole planet, all informations, cities, maybe talking people, fallen meteorite, all actions, research and more things.

Civilizations will fight against each other or will make peace. Some are more aggresive, others more peaceful. But everything is random. If evolution of some civilization is very fast, it can destroy whole planet, so you can use some points and do some action to slow down evolution and progress. Every civilization will have lots of variables-aggression, attack, defense. Variables are changing what civilization is going to do. If aggression or attack will be big, they will make assault ships. Everything will be random, but everything can be change with points.

First video: 

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