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[Team Building] Programmer looking to build a team for innovate FPS

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Hey guys!

I want to form some sort of team for a game I just started.
Since I couldn't finish my last projects because I tried to do too many things alone, I am super motivated to build this project with more people.
It is called Slack and will be a mix of tactical gameplay combined with fast paced parcour action.
A mix of Call of Duty, Rainbow Six and Brink is the best way to get an idea of what it will be.
Because I can't deliver great quality models/sounds by myself I am searching for motivated people who want to get a finished game and possibly release it.
Potential income will be shared based on time spent later, if the game gets released.

The 22nd century is a cruel time to live as laws have changed completely.
Criminals are no longer put in prison but forced to fight for their life
Everything they do is broadcasted across the whole world.
Welcome to the biggest TV show ever.

As written above the game is about a TV show presenting criminals fight for their lifes.
All weapons, environments etc. are comparable to today's state but more modern.
The Gameplay will be fast, but yet very tactical.
Various gamemodes are planned reaching from standard FPS gameplay to all new gamemodes never seen before in any game.

[Your Task]
Your task is to create interesting game environments, model them, plan them.
The same goes for sounds if you are a sound designer.
All models and/or sounds of the game will be made by you.
Of course I don't want to force you doing stuff you don't like.
Therefore, all design decisions will be made by all of us, not just me.
You have a lot freedom for your creativity.
If you ever wanted to build a modern, robust midclass shooter, this is your chance to take part.

Discord: https://discord.gg/HECYHC8
Steam: Need4Bleed                                                                                                                                                                                 Mail : needforbleed@live.de 

In the forums

You can contact me for more info as well.

Thank you for reading.

Edited by needforbleed

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