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Looking for people to collaborate in a sfml game

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Hello, I am kevin selvan

An aspiring programmer who has but one goal, to be happy at what he does.

But honestly he's still in his freshman year in college. And he still wants to try.

So he needs a team to try with him

or a mentor to guide him to his path to wizardhood,

But be wary for tho he is fluent in the ways of c++ and sfml, he has the weakest support from the land of hardwares. (meaning , forget about running unreal engine, or anything on that part)

His practices do not extend beyond c++ for he has no idea on how it works.

He is ready to compromise. Compromise in the ways of art, code and music. (open source stuff)

But honestly he just wants to have fun

and that's what for him game developing is...to have fun in what you do.

So please reply to his seek of comrades and help him unviel that which is game developing....



No seriously reply if you want to join a project for c++/sfml cheers

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