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Minesweeper GO for advanced players

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Minesweeper Go is a variant of well-known classic minesweeper game.


As opposed to classic version Minesweeper Go were designed by keeping in mind demands of professional minesweepers.


Beta version of the game released on android play market and available here: Google Play


Here is a small list of key features:


- Game playback

Each game is recorded and you can playback it any time you want


- Advanced chording

Chord can be applied recursively so players can achieve fastest board solving times


- Personal comprehensive score board with various benchmarks.


- Advanced benchmarks

Minesweeper Go calculates players 3BV/s values, Taps count, Taps/s, RQP, IOS, IOE and some other stats that are valuable for advanced players


- Explicit Non-Flagging (NF) mode

Game is made with No-Flaggers in mind


- 3BV control feature

You can generate a custom minefield with predefined 3BV value


- Online World Ranking table 

All players can participate in World Ranking. Each player records can be viewed (and replayed) by other players to make sure of theirs authenticity


- Cheats.

Undo on fail, etc.


Some of other features are in progress and will be implemented soon. Notable ones are here:

- Tournament mode

- Themes

- Board save/restore

- Playback speed tuning and rewinding options


If you like it please leave your feedback on Minesweeper Go Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/minesweepergo





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Minesweeper GO update has been published. A lot has been done to support player personalization.


- Created left navigation menu 
- User personalization features: 
  • Update your avatar 
  • Change your name 
  • Change your country 
- Fixed double tap detection bug that was a cause for some game recordings played incorrectly (Only new games will be recorded without this issue) 
- Fixed issues with cropped player names within World Ranking list - World Ranking moved to the navigation menu 
- Make game options selectable by tapping on the whole item, not only on the selector control

Get update on Android play market.


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I'm glad to let you know that new Minesweeper GO update is available.

New update aims to improve user experience with minefield scrolling and includes a lot of advanced options for tuning it.


Get update on Android play market.


Please give me any feedback if this options are helpful to you, also I'll appreciate any advice how game can be improved.


[attachment=35656:Screenshot_2017-04-19-03-29-24-396_com.EvolveGames.MinesweeperGo.png] [attachment=35657:Screenshot_2017-04-19-16-46-49-250_com.EvolveGames.MinesweeperGo.png]

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New Minesweeper GO update has been published.

Update Notes

  • Added new major feature - Live Ranking

Live Ranking represents on-line player rankings separately for each game difficulty (Beg/Int/Exp). Rankings can be filtered by style (FL/NF) and narrowed by date filter (for example to show only Today/Week/Month or All Time rankings).

At the end of each calendar period best player is chosen to become the Leader of this period. Player stays to be a Leader until the end of the current period.

  • News Feed feature. Notifications of game updates, server maintenance and other events will be published here.

  • Extended game Result dialog. Added notices to determine how current game result is close to the players local record.

Also a lot of bugs was fixed, see details on Facebook page

Update is available on Android Play Market

[attachment=36269:Screenshot_2017-06-08-18-34-32-054_com.EvolveGames.MinesweeperGo.png] [attachment=36270:Screenshot_2017-06-08-18-35-02-745_com.EvolveGames.MinesweeperGo.png] [attachment=36268:Screenshot_2017-06-08-18-33-35-070_com.EvolveGames.MinesweeperGo.png]

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Minesweeper GO released!

After six months of initial beta release Minesweeper GO came a long way and at last released to public. I am very grateful to all of you for support and testing.

Get game on Google Play
Project on GameDev

Please contact me if you have any suggestions or advices,

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