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DillyBall - rolling adventure (my first game)

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Hello everyone!  :)
I've decided to share my first development here and want to know your opinion and thoughts and feedback.
Me and my friend are developing DillyBall - "marble"-platformer-puzzle game. We are trying to make it beautiful and a bit difficult. It's on Unreal Engine. Everything we're doing by ourself - don't  judge too strictly, please  :rolleyes:


Game will have more than 50 level.

The story of it is as follows:
"One day DillyBall decided to travel different worlds, but got lost... Help him to find home-world! 
You will go through great number of world. If you think it'll be easy trip - you are wrong. 
Each world is unique and dangerous in its own way. There is only one way to get back home - to find it... "
Dillyball could go to the next each world only if he collects certain number of transfer-calls - he can't go through the gates without them. Each world has limited number of these cells and sometimes it will be difficult to get necessary number. He also can collect coins - coins can be exchanged for additional transfer-cells or other goods (we are still in the stage of making list of these goods -  it may be skins and bonuses to help passing levels)

Although the idea of ball-platformer is not new, the main concept is not new too, but puzzles, dangers and appearance of each such game is unique and based on developers' fantasies, experience and background.
We are trying to make it interesting for ourself that guarantees that it will be interesting for you too.
Screenshot and videos probably would say much moo than the text
P.S.: BTW we'are now passing greenlight and hope for your support if you like it.  :blink:



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