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experienced artist looking for programmer

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Hi, I'm experienced game artist and I'm searching for serious programmer partner to collaborate 
with on small mobile projects. I have a full time job, but also enough free time to work on some 
projects aside. I have already done desktop and mobile games, 2D and 3D.
Long-term goal would be to create a profitable mobile games company. 
I have some game ideas that we could develop but that's not set in stone so I'm also open to 
other ideas you might have. I don't care about game genre or if we are to make 2D or 3D game 
as long as we can create (and finish) something interesting that we will be able to monetize. 
Ideally you are experienced programmer that is open minded, active and ambitious so that our 
joined efforts would produce some good results. 
You can contact me at 
hromidaba2 [at] gmail [dot] com

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Hi there! I have 17 years experience as a professional programmer and about 2 years experience with Unity. I also work as a composer/sound designer so together we could cover most aspects of the game development :)

If you have some good game ideas let me know and we'll talk!


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