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Setting screen resolution in console

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I have been trying to create a terminal console game, and have found a simple way to change the console fontsize and set the resolution according to it. I played around with some code from the internet, and accidently saved over my working code, and now I can't seem to find the errors (from my newly rewritten code).

Link to pastebin:

I'm getting all kinds of erronymous numbers when I test my implementation of set: and get_scr_x&y and get; and set_font_width/height, and my screen resolution changes, but also floods the OP in an infinite loop. 

Anybody see the error and can comment on how to fix it?

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I love how c++ is fast since it doesnt typecheck, but still people argue you should check for types =P

Say what?

C++ is statically typed. The typechecking is done by the compiler, which is *why* it has zero bearing on the speed of the final program. You can still invoke type checks dynamically (e.g. dynamic_cast/RTTI/etc.) but that's on the programmer, not the language.

Also, I suggested the OP should check return values which are not the same thing as types.

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