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Scripting language for c++ game engine

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I'm developing a game engine for a first person shooter. The engine will be written in c++ and I will also implement most of the game in c++ but I really? want modders to be able to make all sorts of mods with ease and I want those mods to run trublelessly in any OS users run the game on. Therefore i want to use a scripting language to achieve simplicity and portability? but I need it to be able to derive from c++ classes so modders can override the game code. From what I understood no scripting language can do that automatically, you have to create proxy classes for that.
My first question is therefore:Is that true?Is there anything that does that automatically?

Either way I need something that can be easily embedded in a c++ application.

I found cheiscript which seems to have a very clean and simple way of being embedded. The language itself is similar to c++ which is a very good thing for me.

I also like the angel script sintax but is it simple enough to embed in something like my application?

There is also lua which, being very popular has a lot of libraries.

So those are the scripting languages that i found with the one I like more being the first(cheiscript) but I don't have any experience with scripting languages so what language should I use?

(I may also need to run several threads so the interpreter must be thread safe).

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This question has already been asked many times before.


It probably won't matter which scripting language you choose. Just pick whichever one works best for you.


AngelScript is a very good library. The only downsides are that it's large, it's not very popular, and it's not particularly fast (but that's not a problem 99% of the time).

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