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Acoustic horror game idea

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Hello developers. At first, as usual, must to sorry for my poor english. Hope you’ll understand me or if you will have any questions, ask me.

Long time ago I imagine about a game in “acoustic horror” genre, in example like game for IOS - “Papa Sangre”, if someone knows.

So Blind Nightmare is a single player game that don’t have any interfaces (only main menu maybe), player must use headphones to hear the game world’s sounds and characters voices and navigate using that.
Blind Nightmare is a non-linear story game where player takes a role of simple man - father that loses his sight while walking with his son in amusement park. Game starts right from this place. Also the world around starts to change frighteningly - new terrain and creatures sounds, strange weather conditions, strange feelings, places and new characters. Protagonist will visit medieval ages, hell or even his own mind, will meet new persons, even himself, and will do their tasks.

Story changes by what player does, with which core characters he meets, what he answers to them and which their tasks he does. That changes the story and player will find different story ends. Somewhere his character become a true demons lord, somewhere he keep to be In his fictional world but player finds out that he is a maddened maniac that cruelly killed his son and a lot of many other peoples long time ago and now is concluded in mental hospital, maybe he just will kill himself, or, maybe, he will just wake up after nightmare in his home.

Player control is simple as in usual first person game: four move buttons, mouse to turn around. Also there would be buttons to navigate in player’s character possible answers in dialogs. Player hears what his character thinks about and hear it like voices in his mind. When player in answer selection mode all other sounds except his character’s mind voice and faint background ambient noise also paused. Example of dialog where player choose answer: p - player character, c - character player talk with, “player character’s mind monologue in quotes”

c: Well, well, well. What a manner to intrude without invitation?

*game paused, player is in answer choose mode*

“What the hell? Who is it? Maybe I need to ask him about that?”

*player click “next” action button*

“Dah, no, not like that.. Maybe, I’ll introduce myself?”

*player click “next” action button*

“No, no. I’ll ask about where I am. Maybe he can help me right now. Or no?”

*player click “back” action button*

“No-no, I’ll tell him about myself. Better to not play with fire.. no play with fire!”

*player click “accept” action button*

“Sure.. I’m Mark, walk around, bla-bla-bla...”

*game pause stopped*

p: Oh, emm… Hello! I’m Mark!...

Instead of totally black screen maybe player would see any pictures like his character’s memories flashbacks. But I don’t sure… It may be interesting but also may ruin player’s gameplay feelings.

Well, what do you think about this idea? Which difficulties is most important making it and how players may like it?

Thank you in advance for answers.

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