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Unity Unity 3D game in Android with city/environment theme

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I am a beginner in Android and Unity, lately I started learning Computer Graphics and it seems as the right moment to develop my own game, we are a team of 4 developers that will built a Unity/Android game. The problem is we have not a clear idea on what to built since we have never made a game before.

We were thinking to built something that would have the ENVIRONMENT as a theme, like Pokemon-Go, there would be a city map, and a main character as well as an opponent of this character. Still we are undecided on the whole novel of the story.

The game would also have levels!!

Any kind of guidance or any related experiences that some of you might have would be of great appreciation .

Thank you !!!

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Any kind of guidance or any related experiences

since we have never made a game before.

Attempting a game like Pokemon-Go when you have never even made a game before is way out of proportion. It's like building a plane without ever building a paper plane first. It could be done however I am willing to bet every person who build any part of a real plane, did at some point make a paper plane first.

On a graphics scale games like Pokemon-Go isn't much, however in mechanics and maintenance they are behemoths.


My advice, first build the game to work on PC, that is with no network. Just a map with a player walking around correctly; that should take a 2-4 weeks if you never used Unity before. Then build in the tracker using just one of your phones and build up from there.

Lucky there are thousands of people who attempted to copy the style of pokemon go, meaning there are hundreds of developer blogs you can read to set yourself in the right direction and to learn from there mistakes.

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