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GameSparks - AroundValueLeaderboardRequest searchs for an specific value in a leaderboard

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I have been working with GameSparks in the last months.
One thing I miss about their API is you can't query to the leaderboards something like "Hey, give me from that leaderboard a player that posted a value similar to 'x'"
I use leaderboards for matchmaking and to me this would be a very interesting feature.
You have the classic AroundMeLeaderboardRequest, but then you could get people too similar to you. With this "AroundValueLeaderboardRequest" (ok, maybe it's not the best name), your matchmaking could be more flexible, it may help to perform matchmaking with different difficulty levels.
The following event code achieves what I've just commented. It works better when the leaderboard is uniformly distributed, but if this is not your case, you can easily change the search for a dichotomic search.
Here is the code:
//Retrieve the input parameters
var lbShortCode     = Spark.getData().lbShortCode;  //leaderboard identifier
var fieldName       = Spark.getData().fieldName;    //name of the field we are posting to the leaderboard
var fieldValue      = Spark.getData().fieldValue;   //we are looking for a player with that value posted
var numIterations   = Spark.getData().numIterations;//number of iterations to try to improve the result

var request                     = new SparkRequests.AroundMeLeaderboardRequest();
request.entryCount              = 1; //This is the minimum: my preceding enemy, me and the next enemy
request.includeFirst            = 1; //To bound the search in the upper limit
request.includeLast             = 1; //Same for the lower limit
request.leaderboardShortCode    = lbShortCode;

var response            = request.Send();
var firstInLeaderboard  = response.first;
var lastInLeaderboard   = response.last;

var myScore     = 0;
var myRank      = 0;
var currentRank = 0;
var currentScore= 0;
var targetScore = fieldValue;
var bestScore   = firstInLeaderboard[0][fieldName]; //first is an array with a 'lonely' value
var worstScore  = lastInLeaderboard[0][fieldName];  //same than above
var worstRank   = lastInLeaderboard[0]["rank"];

//We will receive 3 values unless there aren't any people before or after me
//...or if the leaderboard is empty
if (response.data.length > 1)
    myScore = response.data[1][fieldName];
    myRank  = response.data[1]["rank"];
    myScore = response.data[0][fieldName];
    myRank  = response.data[0]["rank"];

var loops       = 0;
var topScore    = bestScore;
var bottomScore = myScore;
var topRank     = 1;
var bottomRank  = myRank;
var done        = false;
var response    = null;

while (loops < numIterations && !done)
    var rankDiff    = bottomRank - topRank;
    var scoreDiff   = topScore - bottomScore;
    if (rankDiff == 0 || scoreDiff == 0)
        //there is no difference, our search has finished
        targetRank = topRank;
        done = true;
        var scorePointsPerRankPosition = scoreDiff / rankDiff;
        if (scorePointsPerRankPosition <= 0) //I'm the best (or even better)
            scorePointsPerRankPosition = 1;
        var rankMovement = (topScore - targetScore) / scorePointsPerRankPosition;
        var targetRank = topRank;
        if (rankMovement < 1)
            done = true;
            targetRank = topRank + rankMovement;
        if (targetRank > worstRank || targetScore < worstScore)
            targetRank = worstRank;
            done = true;
    var request = new SparkRequests.LeaderboardDataRequest();
    request.entryCount = 1;
    request.leaderboardShortCode = lbShortCode;
    request.offset = targetRank - 1;
    response        = request.Send();
    currentRank     = response.data[0]["rank"];
    currentScore    = response.data[0][fieldName];
    if (currentScore < targetScore)
        //as we didn't reach the desired score we will limit the search
        //raising the bottom limit
        bottomScore = currentScore;
        bottomRank  = currentRank;
    else if (currentScore > targetScore)
        //as we didn't reach the desired score we will limit the search
        //raising the bottom limit
        topScore    = currentScore;
        topRank     = currentRank;
        done = true;
    if (done)


Spark.setScriptData("leaderboardData", response.data[0]);

I hope you will find it useful or, at least, interesting.

You can check for more stuff in my programming blog:


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