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The Legend of Spirits (TBD) Card Game!

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Hey guys! My name is Patrick Summers (a.k.a. Diviel or Unknown Destrayon). We have about 15 people including myself in this project, and I am looking for more people to join the team! I have decided to start a hobby project which I haven't given a name quite yet (it should be decided really soon!)
This project is a 2D multiplayer card game based on the style of Hearthstone and PVZ Heroes, where humans (players) control spirits (playable classes) who fight each other representing their factions or allegiances whether it be themselves or their empire to fight for supremacy. Besides the serious story, the game is supposed to be pretty lighthearted and fun looking!
Right now we are looking for; programmers (C# and JavaScript), artists (map design, card design, and concept art) , composers, voice actors, animators (videos and in game animations), writers (lore, card descriptions, and character background and descriptions.) and designers (game balance, new mechanics, etc.)
We need programmers the most, in-game animators the second most, and cinematic animators the third most! We're almost done with all of the concepts and designs and are very close to starting the actual building of the project!
I want to eventually make this game commercial, after making a demo I want to release the game for crowdfunding and change this game as a hobby game to a commercial game. Until then, there is no pay and it should all be volunteer work!
You can contact me through Private Messaging!
Thank you for considering my team as an option, and I hope to work with you soon! I'll leave you guys with some of our work! :)
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Hi Patrick,

I'm just kinda wondering right now, how you can have already 15 people...
and still be on the search for more...

How do you all communicate?
How do you all keep track of what is and what isn't done?

As a projectmanager I'm fairly intrigued to find out, how the team is keeping together...
Especially in a hobbyist projects, in which you can just spend so much time in a week...

Interested to share your knowledge? ;D

Sincerely Asgar

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Hey Asgarvd!


For the most part, everything is relatively unorganized right now.


I have about 18 members now, and it just comes from mass advertising websites.

We communicate via Discord.

This game is a huge project, so it needs a lot of positions to be filled.


Thanks for asking!


-Patrick Summers


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