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A new video game sound

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Fun track! A few ideas - 

Starting off with a really loud crash can be somewhat jarring. It can also make the looping point quite a bit more noticeable. (Full disclosure, my speakers were up rather loud when I started your song and it about made me jump outta my chair! :P) Not saying that it should be avoided but perhaps mixing the cymbal crash down a bit more could help. (I'm speaking in a hypothetically, if you wanted to use this track as in-game looping music.)

I really enjoyed how you used the chiptune elements and mixed them with the electronica. Nicely done! Lots of really cool ideas. One note- a 5 minute long music theme is rather long. I realize this is most likely a demo piece but if this was for an actual game, you'd need to balance the amount of space the audio would take up. For example, if every track was 5 minutes long, lots of data footprint would be used up for just audio - even when compressed down to a lossy format. Just something to consider. 



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