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Enumerate factories behaviours

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I create script api dumper and use that code:

for (asUINT m = 0, mc = type->GetBehaviourCount(); m < mc; m++) {
    asEBehaviours bh;
    asIScriptFunction* pM = type->GetBehaviourByIndex(m, &bh);
    if (bh == asBEHAVE_CONSTRUCT || bh == asBEHAVE_DESTRUCT || bh == asBEHAVE_FACTORY)
        Log::WriteRaw(String(pM->GetDeclaration(false, false, true)) + ";\n");

But for references types their factories not appear in list.

I explore the code in GetBehaviourByIndex - in behaviours list include only ctors:

	// For reference types, the factories are also stored in the constructor
	// list, so it is sufficient to enumerate only those
	if( index - count < beh.constructors.GetLength() )
		if( outBehaviour ) *outBehaviour = asBEHAVE_CONSTRUCT;
		return engine->scriptFunctions[beh.constructors[index - count]];
		count += (asUINT)beh.constructors.GetLength();

But I can not find , where the factories is pushed to ctors list.


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