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Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon (Kickstarter, Greenlight)

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Hello, and thanks for checking out our game topic! This project has been going on for a long time, made by Darrell Flood @dadiomouse. I've been helping him with it more recently by rewriting the source from scratch so that, going forward, it's all a bit more manageable! That's already done, so it's all new content from this point, and we're hoping to get help with this via a Kickstarter campaign. Darrell and I have worked together for years, independently and professionally, having met as artist and programmer respectively while working at YoYo Games. So we're definitely capable of delivering a unique game, given the opportunity. :)
The idea of the game is a procedurally generated Zelda-like, with hand-designed elements. All content is hand-made (such as rooms, dungeon layouts, etc), but these are assembled from individual parts to form whole unique levels. This will also include generated NPCs and quests. From dungeons, to the wider world, to many planets; the player must try to survive the impending doom as long as possible while being flung left, right and center around the galaxy.


There isn't a live demo just yet, but there will be one soon. Any questions and feedback regarding the project will be greatly appreciated.



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