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Struggling to find a suitable language / stack / framework for FMV game

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I'm am attempting to build an FMV game that would follow the basic premise listed below:
- The user is shown a video clip which either plays to the end. A clip could be something like a character talking or of a location. Some of the clips might loop until the user clicks something e.g. the clip might show birds flying in the park.
- The user is presented with several choices that are overlaid over the video clip at some point where the choices are things like "1. go to the park" or "2. ask the man about the park".
- Each choice is linked with another video clip and another set of choices e.g. if the user picks option 2, they are shown a video of the man responding and can then follow up with more questions.
I'd like the above to look seamless and presentable.
I have been searching for a while now and can't find the answer to my question. I found one similar question which is a copy of the above text, but it did not help with my answer.
I want to know what kind of framework, stack, language etc. would be best.
I would ideally like this to be usable on Desktop and Mobile.

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