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3D modeler wanted for "Time Rider" Virtual Reality Game

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Time rider is a virtual reality game for google cardboard on android.

We are an international team of hobby developers creating a VR game. We allready have a working demo as can be seen in the trailer.




We are looking for a modeler who can create low poly 3d assets

The game about a time-travelling sloth on a motorcycle racing thorugh different time periods.


What we are looking for: We want an artist who can design some further low poly time periods. We have some ideas: Ancient far east (China/Japan), Egypt, Rome, etc... You can either team up with one of the existing team members, or if you prefer: You create your own time period. 


The game is a free game. There is no plan on making any money, or receiving any compensation. The compensation is having your name in the credits, and bragging rights on a released game. (I garruntee that this game will get released soon)


Many VR experiences utilize complex interactions, and have novel control schemes. While they are interesting, I find them disorienting, and they require a steep learning curve. If we do this right, timerider should be an easy game for anyone to pick up and play. As such TimeRider is focused on maintaining a very calm and easy interface.


How to join:

Send me a personal message or join our google+

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