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[Rev-share]Unity Programmer wanted for Sci-fi RPG.

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Starboard Games LLC is an indie game studio consisted of professional and friendly people. Additionally, we are a team of skilled artists and dedicated indie enthusiasts. Our current project is INT, developed on Unity Engine 5 for platforms Windows, Linux, and Mac.

INT is a 3D Sci-fi RPG with a strong emphasis on story, role playing, and innovative RPG features such as randomized companions. The focus is on the journey through a war-torn world with fast-paced combat against hordes of enemies. The player must accomplish quests like a traditional RPG, complete objectives, and meet lively crew members who will aid in the player's survival. Throughout the game you can side and complete missions through criminal cartels, and the two major combatants, the UCE and ACP, of the Interstellar Civil War.


Talent Needed

We are looking for an Unity Programmer. You will be working with our Coding team Lead to program the Unity 3D Engine using C# language.

Your duties include:

1. Attendance of weekly team meetings (Currently Thursday's, at 7PM CST)

2. Timely completion of implementation of assets.

3. Direct contact with Project Lead and other Department Leads for the implementation process.

4. Utilization of Unity Collaborate.

5. Utilization of our project management boards (Trello) and communication channels to obtain up-to-date assets.



1. Clear communication and self starter - pushes to meet deadlines and contribute to the project.

2. Ability to complete tasks with limited input/direction from management.

3. Comfortable with working with people remotely and via Trello management system.

4. Good internet connection with ability to update assets/builds quickly, with large dependencies.

5. At least 20 hours of availability each week.

6. Proficient experience using the Unity Game Engine.
a. Good understanding of C# language.
b. Understanding of game architecture/design.
c. Understanding of Unity Asset Bundle architecture/patterns and understanding of asynchronous content loading and optimization.
d. Understanding of loading resources on the fly, reduction of prefab dependencies.

7. Proficient experience in implementing assets into the Unity Game Engine.


What We Offer

We offer revenue-sharing generated from crowd-funding to team members who maintain consistent communication on company projects and meet Starboard Games deadlines. Currently we are unable to offer wages or per-item payments. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.


To Apply

Please send your Cover Letter, CV, Portfolio (if applicable), and other relevant documents/information to this email: JohnHR@int-game.net

Thank you for your time! We look forward to hearing from you!

John Shen
HR Lead
Starboard Games LLC

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