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    • By Michael Santer
      We're currently two programmers and a game designer working on a turn-based tactics fantasy board game. For reference you can search for images of "Tactics Arena Online", a fairly dated game that used to have a lot of depth and complexity.
      Our goal is to use the same combat concepts, but giving it a much needed modern touch as well as a whole new set of heroes to choose from with additional abilities. The game is a mix of isometric and 3D and we plan to release the game on Steam and hopefully Android & iOS as well.
      We are looking for someone to work with us pro-bono (just like we're doing) as a 3D character artist. The skills needed are creativity, a hard working attitude and an ability to make minor animations (things like idle, walk, block and very rudimentary attack animations). A perk to have would be the ability to make some VFX. If the game makes it on steam and money starts coming in, you'd obviously be compensated for your hard work, but as it stands this is a hobby project to garnish your portfolio.
      A bit more about the game:
      This game will be an online multiplayer game where each user gets to pick up to 10 characters to place on his half of the board (this would be done before even entering matchmaking. Think runes in League of Legends for example). The user can place his 10 units of choice anywhere he likes on his half board. Some units can be used more than once. So if you want 4 knights and 2 mages or even if you want 10 clerics, you can do as you please. You can then save your setups for future use. The goal of the game is to wipe out the enemy team.
      Each character or Hero (except premium and abyss characters) start with 1 ability and they can ascend (either by playing a certain amount of matches with the character or by forcing the ascension with real money) to gain a new ability or passive. Acquiring a new character can be done by using in-game currency that you earn from playing matches or using real money with the exception of Abyss characters which can only be acquired by winning certain rare matches. The goal is to offer a freemium game with lots of customizable elements while making sure that no user can "buy power" with real money. We want everything that a paying user can get to be available to non-paying users who play the game a lot.
      Ultimately we want this to become a competitive game that people can enjoy and really get invested in. Each character is designed with options for counterplay in mind and synergy with other heroes.
      We sincerely believe in what this game can become and we home to find someone just as passionate as we are to get involved in this project!
    • By CrazyApplesStudio
         Hello , i would like to showcase my first game project, a simple endless casual arcade game called Apples Mania : Apple Catcher. The game has simple goal , scoring as high as possible by collecting falling apples while the difficulty gradually increases. Different apples are worth different amount of points and there are also 2 power-ups to help you in your challenge.
        The game took me about 2 months to complete and polish and i made everything except for the music tracks and some of the sound files. Made in unity and blender3d.
        Would appreciate any kind of feedback.
      Google Play Link
        A trailer showing basic game-play:
    • By Paszq
      Troglodytes are a playable races in Arpago - they usually don't talk much and most of them lives near water sources.
    • By Paszq
      a Fox in a dungeon :)
    • By Paszq
      Fox Folk is one of 3 playable races in Arpago.
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Unity some info about qt and xamarin

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I want to know advantages and disadvantages of qt and xamarin in many aspects. as I want o make a cross platform mobile app, I want to know which one give lower output size? which one is easier to learn? I

have some knowledge on html and css and java script but not so much in xaml. I know c# and c++ both but c# better. I have worked on xamarin in unity.  as I searched there are many different versions of qt. I want to know which one is which. it looks for android you have to download android version and for ios you have download ios one but its said you can simply port code to each other. and what are limitations of free version of qt.


thank you for helping me

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I want to know which one give lower output size?

That's mostly irrelevant to games. Typically your own artwork and audio sizes will dwarf everything else.  It's typical these days to have 50MB-100MB packages and nearly all of it comes from your own content rather than your library.

which one is easier to learn?

That depends on you and your prior knowledge.  Since you wrote that you've worked with Xamarin before it would probably be easier than QT because you've already got experience.

I want to know which one is which. it looks for android you have to download android version and for ios you have download ios one but its said you can simply port code to each other.

The QT libraries do some things, but not all the things.  You mentioned experience with Unity. Unity does all the cross-platform work for you, and has gone through much effort to ensure the developer's code runs the same on each platform.

If you are doing it yourself then you are the one who needs to do the cross-platform work, you need to make sure your code runs on each platform. 

what are limitations of free version of qt.

They have a web site with that information.  Those limitations may impact you, or they may not, depending on what you are planning to do. 

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