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Pharmakon: Tactical battles, drones, puzzles,and beasts! [Greenlight]

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A roguelite turn-based game about tactical battles between puzzle-powered drones and elementary beasts  


Pharmakon is on Steam Greenlight!
Thanks to have a look, VOTE and comment here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=883402376 and help the game to reach Steam store!




  • Become an agent dedicated to his/her faction
  • Fits elements' puzzle parts to power your drone
  • Coordinate attacks against elementary beasts
  • Push beasts'position with attacks to order battlelield strategically
  • Setup tactical combos with collateral damages
  • Strategy based on tight puzzle-ressource management
  • Use lasers to configure special abilities to improve your control of the battle
  • Face new threat every game
  • Tactical depth in a simple and precise set of possibilities
  • Great 80's dark music by Janek Roeben (U-GameZ)

It is a challenge for your mind calling on skills of Evaluation, Adaptation, Optimisation and Anticipation.


The story unfolds in a sci-fi universe ruled by echnological exploitation of nature's elements

The world has been infested by threatening elementary beasts.
To face the problem, territories decided to counter the infestation and developed drones using elements as source of power.
Over time, this divided the world in 5 factions dedicated to the elements of Water, Fire, Ice, Earth and Electricty.
Now, trained agents equiped with such drones represent each faction security agaisnt elementary beasts.
Today, you are an agent sent on an urgent mission to protect a new territory from infestation.


If you like to Think, Measure, Calculate, Adapt, Coordinate, Manage space, Manage ressources, Optimize, Anticipate and Combine then Pharmakon is for you!


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