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The Story Of Henry Bishop - GreenLight

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GreenLight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894543601



Hi, everybody. I want to show you the game which I create alone.
I was influenced by such games as Sillent Hill, Scratches, a black mirror, Alan Wake.

Trying to strike a lucrative deal and sell the house that has been empty for many years, Henry sets off for Bridgestone to inspect the mansion and prepare the documents for the sale. But after learning the dark secret of this place Henry finds himself under the power of the house and its owners. You will follow the protagonist as he examines the old mansion and learns more about the mysterious disappearance of the family that used to live there. The world around Henry will change, nothing will be the same. In a short while the place will be swarming with dangerous monsters seeking to kill the protagonist.



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