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I am looking for talented developers to join me on helping my project.

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Hello, My name is CraySCU, I'm the leader of a development team and we are creating a game we call "BlastLine", 

BlastLine is a voxel based drive 'n shoot style of game in which the player may create their own battle bots, cars or anything they can think of.

Currently, I am the lead programmer and designer, I have been working on this game for a couple of months now but as I am the only programmer for the game I feel like I am the beating heart of the project, which is in need of contributing developers to make this game a reality.


I have been involved in game development for about 2 years now and I have an extensive knowledge of C# which I am willing and actively expanding.

I am looking for talented developers to join the project for their benefit and the benefit of the game , I have worked with other teams before and have been a lead contribute from there.


The game core is there, it needs some refining and maybe some love, we are working on dynamic voxels currently, such as laser turrets and wheels.


Now unfortunately to my job status, I am unable to provide an income out of this task, so please see it as more of a hobby than a dragging down job.

I have some screenshots of the game here:

Thank you for reading!
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