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Best engine for me

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Hey everyone,

it's my first post so sorry if something is not by the rules.


so as the titles suggests, I decided that i want to take my game developing seriously.

I'm programming for 8 years now, mostly as a Data Scientist and Front-End web developer, but always developed mini-games as a hobby

and always dreamed to make real games and release them to the market :P


So the kind of games i'd like to make are multiplayer types(even in single player games i'd like to set multiplayer modes).

the kind of style i'm looking to develop is like a chibi anime stylish characters and world. it's not supposed to be realistic and i did see it's a crucial part for some engine so i think it's important to say.

also i'd like to focus on PC/PS/XBOX platforms, i don't care much about mobile.


atm i'm not sure if to go for Unity or Unreal.


any advices and ideas on what should i do?

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Either would work.  Download both, try them both out, and pick which you feel more comfortable with.

If you already know C++, then Unreal may be a better choice since that's the primary language.

If you already know C#, then Unity may be a better choice since that's the primary language.

For the PlayStation and XBox stuff, you'll need to register with Sony or with Microsoft, get approved for access, and use their specialized tools and hardware to build and run your game. You can still use the PC build, but there will probably be a few changes to specialize it for each platform.

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