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[Programmers] [Pixel Artists] Simple RTS

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Hi all!
I'm back for more. Some months ago I came here looking for some help to build an a simple RTS game because I'd decided it would be way more fun to work with others.  I do not intend to sell it and will probably release the game free along with source code. I've made a TON of progress since then, and today, I'm back to hopefully meet a couple more people to help add the last few features and then add lots of polish.
Development log: 
What I am offering (no money, this is a hobby project):
I am ~30yo and have been programming for years, but have never built a game before.
I am leading the project.
I am using Java and Slick2D; coding in NetBeans; and using Git and BitBucket for source control.
The team currently:
Myself, one programmer/artist, one composer and one sound tech.
The game:
A tile-based RTS.
Lots of units, big masses fight, things die quickly.
Post-apocalyptic fantasy.
Units auto-spawn and explore, fight, etc. Players choose what to build and priorities.
What I am looking for:
People that want to hang out online (Skype/Mumble) and build cool stuff together; specifically:
2 programmers
2 artist
After the first (full/complete) version is released, I'd like to find and work with lots more people, including level designers, writers, game designers, and maybe web devs.
I hope this sounds interesting and fun.  I'd love any comments and feedback as well.
Thank you!

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