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Cross Platform C++/OpenGL VR engine

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    First time here.

    I just released my simple VR engine on GitHub.

( )

Here is the feature list:

  • C++ 0x11 code, OpenGL 2.0 shader.
  • Cross Platform ( Mac/Windows/Linux/iOS/Android ), project file provided.
  • Auto memory and resource management with C++ 0x11 shared pointer.
  • Model loading with Waveform .OBJ file. ( More format in future )
  • Basic lighting, material, and fog.
  • Render to texture.
  • Abstract C++ wrapper class with OpenGL function hidden.
  • VR rendering with lense distortion, for Google Cardboard, or VR device as PC extended monitor.


    It's not game engine, and not sophistic like other VR solution,

just display simple static models, for small project.

    It's still under development. If you found it useful, you can send me feedback,

or feel free to develop your own engine based on that. The license is free BSD.


S. Chen

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I just released my simple VR engine on GitHub.
    It's not game engine,

Whether it's an engine or not, announcements do not belong in our dis-
cussion forums. Moving this to the Your Announcements board, which is
the only place ads and bloglinks and tutorials may be posted. Good luck
with your engine.

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