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looking to join a team and work on games and gain expiriance

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hey im a 14 year old boy from australia and i have been wanting to make games since i was 4 i have semi avrege skills with java script and a tiny bit of skill in c++ im also lerning html and css in school atm so if u want to add me to ur team ill be happy to help ill be able to help every weekend and 3-4 week days a week ill also be constitly building up my skill and comming up with idears also i hop u can help me further understand the world of programing.


i have a littel bit of understanding with unity but im also going to be using it in school in a 3-4 weeks im curently on half term so i have 2 weeks of school


pm me if i can join ur team 


LockBoxLocs :D  :rolleyes:  :)  ^_^

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i have a idea,

why dont try to make our own teamwork?.

I  Know something about unity,blender,c#(for unity),html,css,photoshop, and a quite of c++.and i am searching for people how want to learn and creat videogames. im not a expert but i sure with a team we can make videogames.

So Do you want to be part ?

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Hi, i manage a Team.


Are you interested into publish projects or just do a learning process ?


My issue is that i don't have time to get involved on more projects. I'm mostly a game designer with knowledge on the other branches of gamedev. If you are looking for someone that can gives you opinions and tips about game design with a background of programming i could help.


Here the web of my team :


We use Game Maker and in future i want to do some projects with unity.


Thanks !

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