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Looking for game engine / game lib

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for game engine with following traits:

  • Multi-platform target - android, windows phone, windows, maybe linux, ios, consoles [must have]
  • GUI, network modules [must have]
  • Used with C# or C++, maybe other languages but not java [must have]
  • Free for commercial use (the game may be sold on android market etc.) [must have]
  • No need for fancy 3d support, good 2d support is enough [should have]
  • Access to low level parts of engine (more like XNA than Unity's scripts)
  • Sound module [nice to have]
  • Possible to integrate with 3rd party modules or has own module for ads [nice to have]

For now I've checked MonoGame and Unity but first one miss the GUI module which is kinda game-breaking for me since I hate to implement GUIs and Unity has weird licensing and I remember it more as scripting framework which is something I don't want. For Java there's LibGDX which is great library but I've been traumatized by java so I don't want to use it for now ;)

PS. The game I design may be created with GUI only but I don't want to close my way for possible improvements that would require some fancy stuff.

The libraries/engines I've considered but rejected (please prove me wrong):

  • Unity - weird licensing (?), not really low level access to the game engine (from my past experiences few years ago) but mostly scripting
  • LibGDX - java
  • SFML - lacks good GUI support (?) and android support
  • MonoGame - lacks good GUI support
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SFML support both C++ and C# (through a binding) and has much, if not all of what you're looking for.


Good luck and have fun!

I've worked with SFML and indeed it's great library however Android support which is essential is marked as "soon" and AFAIR it lacks good GUI support.

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Share on other sites -- focused on 2D, but fully free, low-level library approach, widely used -- free 3D engine, comparable to what you should expect from a free engine -- basically Crytek, not technically "free" but you don't have to pay anything -- ... it's Unreal, not technically "free" but you don't have to pay anything


I don't comprehend your complaints about Unity's licensing. If that's really a problem scratch off the last two above as well. The only way those will be _actual_ licensing costs for you though is if you're one of the 0.0005% of indie game developers who actually make any significant money from your project (and if you magically are one of the Chosen Few that even manages to break even, the cost is very affordable and reasonable).

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