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Package "Character Interaction" or where to start making a game on ue4 of this genre as a shooter, horror or quest.

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Hello everyone, my name is Andrew. I have been working for a long time in the field of game development, and I thought I'd make some kind of stock in the genre of action or survival horror for developers on Unreal engine 4.

Video Demo gameplay level (included in the package)
Video Update1 (IK, InterruptInteraction, FirstPerson)
Video Update2 (Weapon switcher, Jumping, Crouching…)

The package includes the following necessary elements for gameplay:

  • Basic movement. The movement includes a system of jumps, crouching and inclined movements. Aiming, moving in aiming. There is walking and running and completely procedural slopes in the end you need only two animations, either a walk or a run.

  • Class of interaction with objects. It can be like different switches, levers, buttons and valves or any other interactive objects limited only by the developer's imagination. The project includes 9 blanks of such objects. These are different buttons, furniture, levers ... You can see in the video.

  • Pickup Items Class. Picking up items is an integral part of the genre. In the class is written an auto definition of the position of the character and the choice of the desired animation, so it's enough just to specify the name of the item of his model and text. It also takes into account the selection of specific items on the demo level, this is a pistol that needs to be selected by a certain animation.

  • Class of weapons. A fully featured weapon class contains settings for creating such types of weapons as an automatic rifle, a pistol or a shotgun. Includes all the moments with the storage of the cartridge and recharging, feedback and dispersion, physical impulses, sleeve and clip, animations ... In the video there is a list of settings.

  • Basic AI that can see, hear, pursue and attack in the melee of a player. It can be like a zombie or a monster in the base package is a humanoid with a knife. The enemy can be killed both in long-range combat and in counter-attacks in close combat.

I continue to work on the package releasing periodically updates. I'm afraid to implement what most users are interested in.

Thank you for attention. Andrew (ZzGERTzZ).

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