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How should shooter crosshairs be sized?

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I've always had this question and can't seem to find it directly addressed.


For a 3D first-person game, I'm making simple, old-fashioned crosshairs made of 4 small lines, like in Counter Strike and whatnot.


I was going to make every line draw at the center of the screen, offset away by an amount determined by the weapon accuracy.  Your usual crosshair stuff.

I just never knew how to turn the accuracy into an offset value: should I use a percentage of the screen size, or a flat number of pixels?  Or something based upon in-game units?


What I'm concerned about is, will players with higher resolution or a higher field of view have more or less bullet spread compared to other players if I base the measurements on pixels or percentages of the screen?

For example, if two players fire with the same accuracy, straight at a wall the same distance from them, but one player has a massive screen resolution and 90 field of view, while the other has a small resolution and 60 field of view, will there be a significant difference in where their bullets land on that wall?

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you use in-game units to calculate bulletspread, using screen would mean you are firing from your eyes instead of the gun. crosshair is just a representation of where the player is aiming, where size of crosshair doesn't affect the spread, it just shows/scales from your accuracy based on values from the gun's current values

there is tons of tutorials regarding this matter and I think even if it is a different language and engine you should be able to learn from  them. :)

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