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UI Artist Wanted For 3D Sci-fi RPG.

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We are an indie game studio consisted of professional and friendly people. Additionally, we are a team of skilled artists and dedicated indie enthusiasts. Our current project is INT, developed on Unity Engine 5 for platforms Windows, Linux, and Mac.


INT is a 3D Sci-fi RPG with a strong emphasis on story, role playing, and innovative RPG features such as randomized companions. The focus is on the journey through a war-torn world with fast-paced combat against hordes of enemies. The player must accomplish quests like a traditional RPG, complete objectives, and meet lively crew members who will aid in the player's survival. Throughout the game you can side and complete missions through criminal cartels, and the two major combatants, the UCE and ACP, of the Interstellar Civil War.

For more information about us, follow the links listed below.

INT Official website

Steam Greenlight

IndieDB page

Also follow social media platforms for the latest news regarding our projects.





We are seeking an UI Artist to design and develop HUD and UI for our project. The UI Artist will follow instructions from the Art Lead and the Project Lead in creation of assets. Open evaluation to and from other team members would also be expected.

Your duties will include:

1. Create UI elements for various in-game systems.
2. Collaborate with the coding team to implement UI elements.
3. Make adjustments to created UI elements where required.




1. Familiar with image creation software such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.
2. Able to adapt to pre-existing themes and styles.
3. Have knowledge of creating digital 2D images of specific sizes.
4. Able to create intuitive UI & HUD for interactive games.
5. Willing to follow direction and make adjustments when needed.


1. Be an avid gamer, have played a wide collection of games from various genres.



Revenue-sharing from crowd-funding is offered to team members who contribute 15-20 hours per week to company projects, as well as maintain constant communication and adhere to deadlines. Currently the crowd-funding campaign is scheduled for the first half of year 2018. We are unable to offer wages or per-item payments at this time. Your understanding is dearly appreciated.



Please send your Cover Letter, CV, Portfolio (if applicable), and other relevant documents/information to this email:

Thank you for your time! We look forward to hearing from you!


John Shen
HR Lead
Starboard Games LLC

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